Are UK SEO Services relevant today?

As AI continues to influence the way we interact online. Many people in the UK are beginning to ask questions like: ‘Are UK SEO Services relevant today?’ or ‘Do I really need SEO on my website?’. We often hear this type of question at meetings with clients who have had a poor experience with SEO services. It is also a concern raised by businesses that work on referrals. However, if you have experienced good search engine optimisation as a business owner, operator or key decision maker, and even as a digital marketing agency professional. You will know that the answer to both of these questions is definitely ‘YES!’. But, why is SEO still relevant today? Continue reading to learn more…

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Is SEO Still Relevant Today?

In answer to the question ‘Is SEO still relevant today?’,  our answer simply is an absolute yes, and there are very good reasons for this.

After all, it is still perfectly possible to improve the ranking positions of a website for multiple high-traffic keywords. Which will drive targeted customers to its pages. And, it is still completely possible to raise the majority of websites to at least the first page of Google and often even in the top 5 through search engine optimisation. In short, SEO still works and delivers measurable outcomes for owners of business websites in all sectors.

It is worth remembering that SEO is an ongoing investment…

Search engine requirements change frequently. In fact, (so you know we are not just making this up!) Google shares information about these changes officially. Publishing a history of the confirmed ranking algorithm updates.

You will notice that these updates are carried out several times a year, and can be as often as ten times per annum. Each time Google updates its ranking algorithms websites are affected, and SEO goalposts are moved. More often than not, no specific information on what has changed or how is offered. It is not in Google’s interest to make its ranking criteria clear and available to the public. After all, if everyone knew exactly what they need to do to keyword rank in position #1, everyone would do it! Making it impossible to rank web pages in any order at all.

Simply put, if 20,000 websites are good enough to be in position #1, who would Google put in that position? This is why the ranking algorithm specifics are communicated so opaquely by Google. And precisely why it takes experienced SEO specialists to stay ahead of the game.

In fact, one of the most important ranking factors on the web right now are proven and successful SEO professionals themselves. Their experience, expertise, and ability to conduct research, test ideas and develop. As well as maintain reliable methods for sustainable delivery of SEO outcomes, are worth their weight in gold.

The fact that SEO is working even in the age of AI as a method of delivering improved commercial outcomes for both small and large businesses and their websites, combined with the need for ongoing research into what works, makes it still relevant as a digital marketing method.

Do I Need SEO?

Yes, even if you receive all of your business via word-of-mouth and recommendations, it is still important to show that your company is a market leader. So, organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is still the most affordable way of improving your website traffic. If you want to build your brand, be seen as a market leader, and increase the number of potential customers finding your business you do indeed need experienced SEO Services. After all, even if your business does not completely depend on online traffic – for example, if you already have another successful way of bringing customers to your website – you will still benefit from SEO thanks to the increased online visibility of the web pages.

What is the average cost of Local SEO Services?

In today’s UK market, a one-off project focused on analysis, research, clean-up, and optimisation you will find the price range for a Local SEO project costs from £800 – £2500 with an average price of around £1400. An ongoing monthly contract starts from as low as £150 (for basic on-page optimisation for one page and site updates) and as high as £3500 (if it is including other digital marketing services like GMB Optimisation, SEO-focused copywriting, analytics and a helpdesk). If the project were focused exclusively on Local SEO, the average price would be under £750 per month. At Phoenix Web Services we offer bespoke monthly SEO packages that are tailored to your requirements, meaning you never pay for services you do not require.

The SEO method we have developed and maintained at Phoenix Web Services has a proven track record of delivering excellent results. Our clients are in a wide range of industries and sectors and all see a rise in visibility. Our team tends to work directly with digital marketing agencies and marketing departments. However, we have all worked on projects from small, and medium-sized businesses to large organisations, non-profits to even government agencies. Remember, no matter the size of your company, you are our main priority. This is why we continue to ensure that the way we do SEO works and continues to be relevant today and well into the future.

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