John Mueller Tackled Reddit SEO Questions…

John Mueller, Google master, tackled Reddit SEO Questions and demystifies some urban SEO Myths. Your Digital Bird – AskPhoenix – tells all…

Recently, John Mueller, a Google Search Advocate, took to Reddit and participated in a discussion on the r/TechSEO subreddit page. Where he provided SEO advice to aspiring digital marketers and addressed various tactics.

One Reddit user posed a series of questions about geotagging photos, blogging frequency, Google Business Profile posting, and link-building strategies such as SENuke and private blog networks (PBNs).

Mueller replied that geotagging photos is unnecessary for SEO purposes. He advised bloggers to prioritise unique and compelling content over maintaining a consistent posting schedule. However, he did acknowledge that regular posting can drive traffic. He also encouraged creators to review successful posts and expand on their topics with higher-quality content.

Do not use ‘fluffy’ content

Mueller cautioned against the dangers of producing mediocre, ‘fluffy’ content. Warning that it could result in search engine quality algorithms determining that the entire website is like that. He also humorously responded to questions about outdated link-building strategies, such as SENuke and PBNs. Cautioning that discussing such methods could be taken out of context and used to promote questionable link-building tools.

There are no shortcuts

Mueller observed that the majority of questions seemed to revolve around finding shortcuts to making money online. He explained, in a tongue-in-cheek reply that there was a lot of competition in that field and that, ‘if you feel comfortable spending nights slaving away at a computer, tricking search engines into showing your pages, reaching for those sweet ad & affiliate monies, with a dark hoodie on, while shiptoasting in forums, would be … to learn HTML, learn a bit of programming, and go for it. 90% of the random tricks you run across won’t work, 9% of the remaining ones will burn your sites to the ground, but if you’re lucky & persistent (is that the same?), you’ll run across some things that work for you.’

He continued to say, ‘Don’t get me wrong, I hate seeing spam in search, but I absolutely love seeing new folks active in the industry, trying things out, understanding more than what the “SEO 101” guides explain, doing silly things, doing unexpected things, and slowly learning what it would take to build something really good. I love seeing big companies complain that some small guy is taking over “their” queries, and I love seeing big companies take them back with great SEO. There’s so much to a successful web presence, it’s not just keywords & links.’ So, it goes to show that Google is still championing quality over quantity!

Mueller concluded…

by encouraging aspiring SEO professionals to learn HTML, programming, and other essential skills to better understand the industry. He emphasised that a successful internet presence involves more than just keywords and links and recommended experimenting and pushing the boundaries of traditional SEO methods.

Now that you have heard how Google’s John Mueller Tackled Reddit SEO Questions. Are you going to change or expand your own SEO strategies? We are pleased to say that, whilst we enjoyed the lively Q&A over on Reddit. Everything suggested is in line with our SEO team’s practices. (Although a couple of us have popped off to update our programming skills! Every day is a school day!)

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