What is a SEO friendly CMS?

We often are asked,  ‘What is a SEO friendly CMS?’

The two main reasons that this question arises are either their recent SEO audit highlighted issues or security gaps in their current CMS. Or they are looking to refresh their site. And want to start off the right way with expert SEO services prioritised from the beginning. So, let’s answer the question… What is a SEO friendly CMS?

We often are asked What is a SEO friendly CMS

Many companies reach out to an SEO expert to optimise their site, only for them to find out that the CMS doesn’t allow them to make any important changes without FTP access. FTP  access is not a stable platform to work on which means a poor CMS can really limit the impact an SEO specialist has.

It is a great idea to ask this question of your SEO specialist and to make sure you follow their recommendations, doing so often saves time and money later on down the line.

In our blog the 16 Point Friendly CMS Checklist we have supplied you with the top list of required features, so make sure you keep it handy and share it with all your business associates. We will also be discussing our top recommendations for the best CMS systems available in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

In March we will be posting a blog about ‘how to ask the right questions about your design proposal’ which we hope will be of assistance. In the meantime, why not click on the link and find out the answer to the question we keep being asked ‘Are UK SEO Services relevant today?

Let’s discuss your next project…

The Phoenix Web Services team will work with you to raise your website from the ashes. We will ensure that your project arrives on time and on budget – and most importantly looks fantastic!

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