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Google users face a challenge in finding trusted and authoritative digital marketing news sources amidst the abundance of novelty or fake news sites. To address this issue, Google has revolutionised the search experience with its topic authority system. This system aims to surface relevant and authoritative content in Google Search and News. In this article, we delve into the concept of topic authority and provide valuable insights on how news publishers, such as AskPhoenix, can benefit by optimising news updates and historic content for improved search visibility. By actively utilising topic authority, publishers can enhance their presence and deliver reliable digital marketing news to their audience. Discover how Google’s topic authority can transform the way you access trustworthy information.

What is Google’s Topic Authority:

Google’s topic authority system leverages various signals to determine the level of expertise and relevance of publications in specialised topics. Here are some key signals that influence topic authority:

Notability for a topic or location:

The system recognises publications that hold significance in specific topics or locations. For instance, when users search for news on what the top 5 web design trends will be in 2024, Google identifies articles like AskPhoenix as notable sources due to their extensive knowledge in that area.

Influence and original reporting:

Google’s algorithms assess the impact of a publisher’s original reporting by evaluating the frequency of citations from other news outlets. This indicates the publication’s influence and authority on a particular topic. To further facilitate this, Google introduced the Highly Cited label in 2022, enabling users to identify stories that have garnered substantial citations from other reputable news organisations.

Source reputation:

The system considers a publication’s history of high-quality reporting and recommendations from expert sources, such as professional societies. A publication’s track record of original reporting and journalistic awards serve as strong evidence of a positive reputation in the news industry.

Benefits of Topic Authority for News Searches:

Google’s emphasis on topic authority brings several advantages to fact finding and news searches, including:

Enhanced localisation of content:

When a local event occurs, topic authority enables Google to prioritise content from publications that regularly cover topics in that specific region. Consequently, trusted local publications, deeply familiar with the community, gain prominent visibility in search results, alongside local and national news outlets covering the event.

Original reporting from trusted sources:

By prioritising topic authority, Google ensures the presentation of original reporting from news teams intimately acquainted with the location and topic at hand. Local publishers are more likely to appear prominently when covering news events within their area of expertise. Similarly, publishers specialising in specific fields are more likely to surface when their content is highly relevant to comprehending a news story.

Optimising for Topic Authority Success:

To achieve success with topic authority and maximise search visibility, news publishers like AskPhoenix should consider the following strategies:

Deliver exceptional coverage:

Continuously provide comprehensive and insightful coverage of areas and topics that align with the publication’s expertise. By consistently delivering valuable content, publishers can demonstrate their authority to Google’s topic authority system and emphasise their commitment to creating high-quality, user-centric information.

Focus on local relevance:

For publications targeting specific geographic areas, prioritise local coverage and cater to the interests and concerns of the local community. This approach increases the likelihood of being recognised as a reputable source for regional news topics.

Promote original reporting:

Strive to be the first to break news on relevant topics, as it enhances influence and encourages citations from other publishers. Publishing unique and original stories helps bolster the publication’s topic authority and demonstrates a commitment to delivering exclusive and impactful content.

Maintain journalistic integrity:

Uphold the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in reporting. Consistently produce high-quality content that adheres to journalistic ethics, ensuring that the publication’s reputation remains strong and trustworthy.

New opportunities

Google’s topic authority system provides a valuable opportunity for news publishers to enhance their visibility and authority in search results. By focusing on expertise, relevance, original reporting, and maintaining high-quality standards, new publishers like AskPhoenix.

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